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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  May 23, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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♪ katrina and the waves ♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: wee! it is "the stephanie miller show." ics minutes after the hour. we have hump days with hal. daddy is home. just for a little while. [ applause ]
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1-800-steph-12 the phone number. the web site. hal is going to germany. aisha tyler, john fuglesang next. columbus, ohio in august and then seattle in september. >> that's right. [ applause ] for all other information. >> including the hump jack which is alive and thriving. at hal sparks. i just posted on twitter at hal sparks senator feinstein's twitter to send her a message about whether or not you think she should be backing bain capital over the president. >> stephanie: exactly. this sounds like a joke. drunk man -- brought his parrot into a bar. >> i don't know. >> stephanie: future husband i don't know. police charge an eastern iowa man with drunk driving after stopping him outside a you dubuque
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bar when he was beside a small zebra and a parrot. he dispute the arrest saying he was about to let a passenger begin driving. i don't know if it was the parrot or the zebra. he says the zebra parrot are pets and like riding in the truck and he goes to that bar because he sometimes lets them come inside. which leads to a lot of drunk people going -- >> did i see a zebra? >> stephanie: are you sitting between a parrot and a zebra? >> not that there's anything wrong with that. >> it's a free country. >> stephanie: joe in arizona with the latest arizona birtherrism nonsense. hi joe. hello, joe. did i do that right? there you are. hey, joe. go ahead. go ahead. you're on "the stephanie miller show." welcome. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: hello. >> caller: i'm so happy to on
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your show. >> stephanie: go ahead. >> caller: i've been living in arizona for 17 years. i'm from buffalo. >> stephanie: the latest story out of there, joe arpaio is using taxpayer money. >> caller: to check to see if they will let him see the president's birth certificate. >> and they did. >> caller: and another idiot wanted to keep the president off the ballot. >> that was ken bennett secretary of state. >> stephanie: hawaii has given him the information that he needed. >> ken bennett is satisfied. >> joe arpaio is officially wasting taxpayer money. >> stephanie: how do you feel about that in arizona, using your tax dollars? >> caller: it nauseates me. i'm using cory booker's words. it nauseates me. >> stephanie: unbelievable. he was going to keep barack obama off the ballot until he had evidence. >> interesting. >> mick jagger, getting that satisfaction.
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>> hawaii actually said -- actually, you need to send us why you wouldn't think that the information we've already posted isn't enough. and that just meant more paperwork for him and he had to explain his stupid position and why, by the way, anybody who moves from hawaii to have their driver's license nullified instantly because one standard cannot be applied to one person versus somebody else. >> stephanie: he's not a birther himself. >> no. >> stephanie: at least i hope he was. [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: he said he was doing his job going over the ballot and responding to constituent's concerns. >> ken has been a nut job. jon scott, he's a fox news -- he's just a regular news -- straight down the -- news anchor. >> there are some observers who say you know that cory booker made the president essentially look bad. that he looks like a newer hipper younger more honest
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version of the president. and the president looks like the old style politician fighting to you know, keep things, keep the status quo. >> by some, you mean sean hannity. >> stephanie: did he almost slip and say lighter? >> guy. >> yeah, i said it! >> i don't know why we didn't start liking him earlier. >> stephanie: gretchen carlson, fox and friends. >> when you said that, a light bulb went off in my head. that should be the word that mitt romney should also use to go up against big government. do you want it to be run motor efficient or should we spend more money? >> first of all, the president has been operating on that standard and if you watched ed schultz yesterday, they did a great show of how the president has streamlined a lot of government agencies, saved a lot of money limited government without limited its ability which is fantastic. >> actual facts and figures. >> you would think fox news being a news organization would look into stories like that. >> stephanie: they also have
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access to facts. >> when she said a light bulb went off in my head, when we're done at the sexy liberal show and a staff puts a single light bulb on the stage. >> stephanie: very dim bulb. >> soft glowing in the middle of is going remember me? [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: gretchen carlson and eric bowling. >> abc polls. who would do a better job? handling the economy? it is a dead heat. president obama up 47%. mitt romney 47%. why is that unbelievable? >> sue vorring just passed out. revive him for the next segment. >> why are you surprised? >> $16 trillion of debt. no question. >> it is shocking. who did better in foreign policy. but really, the economy? >> it is shocking. he inherited such a great economy. and ruined it. >> who would think that the guy
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who was president during the time the stock market went from 6500 to 12,000 you know, would get any credit for manufacturing coming back and for jobs turning around. >> stephanie: did you hear what marsh said? mitt romney's whole foreign policy experience consists of frenchmen into joining his cult. [ buzzer ] >> whatever. >> stephanie: okay. donald trump on cnn. >> did he so well actually that he set records over there and that's what we with need in this country. you look at what china is doing and opec doing to us. you look at what virtually every country is doing us to. we need somebody that has this ability. his record was great. he did an amazing job. then just take a look at solyndra and some of the deals this country has been making over the last couple of years. it is disgraceful. >> look at all of the jobs he created in china. >> stephanie: that is incredible. he did well for bain.
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that's the point. he didn't do well for a lot of the companies they took over. >> that's not true, steph. they did very well for local small businesses like banks in the cayman islands. those are small businesses. and by parking a lot of his he made dissecting companies like they were waiting for a heart transplant -- >> our mailboxes. that's the smallest business you can have. >> stephanie: solyndra thing makes me crazy. it is like first of all, so what are you saying? there are some winners and losers in business? don't look at what bain took over. >> yeah. because what's the record for the green initiatives that the white house has put together? one out of 25? >> pretty damn good record. >> bain's record. >> i think two of them managed to survive. >> stephanie: like the auto rescue, all he can do is yeah, that was my idea.
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>> except for the fact that he left out the only creditor of note could be the federal government because there was no money to be had to do a managed bankruptcy, period. the idea he was for bankruptcy at the time yeah but you were for the kind of bankruptcy that makes them go away. not managed, not until they get back on their he means cave them in. zero them out so they can't come out. >> zero out detroit. >> stephanie: greg. >> in the last couple of weeks we know how president obama personally feels about gay marriage but do we really know how he feels about abortion? at this point you kinda gotta wonder about a woman's right to choose. that's what they always say. i want to know what he thinks about abortion and i wonder if it is just because gays have deeper pockets than fetuses. >> stephanie: wow! well he's pro-choice. he's always been pro-choice. >> i've done red eye and i'm
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here to tell you not only is greg not give a crap about gay marriage, he's another one of the right-wingers who pretends to care on the air. but i guarantee he is pro-choice or just doesn't care that way either. >> stephanie: what does he mean he doesn't know how the president feels? >> he's just trying to drum up there. >> no, he isn't. he's reading the talking points he's been given because they moved him from the midnight slot to being on during the day and this is his -- this is what he has to do. >> that's the role he's playing. >> that's it. he's full of beans. >> stephanie: we end with rush limbaugh. how, on a scale of one to whatever -- >> one to 500 pounds? >> stephanie: how creepy is this with a 14-year-old girl that called his show. >> my name is katie. i'm 14. i'm not sure if i qualify to be a rush baby or a rush babe. what do you think? >> you're 14? >> i'm 14.
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>> you're both. you're a rush baby and a rush babe both. we'll count you both. >> especially if you're in the dominican republic where i can get away with it. >> wow. >> stephanie: i speak for all of us when i say splat. >> eww! [vomiting sounds] >> i think it was a >> i think she was actually -- >> stephanie: good job! [ ding ding ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: she was the older sister of the official 3-year-old of "the stephanie miller show," miranda. have you heard from miranda? ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm gonna feel good ♪ >> say hi, stephanie miller. >> hi, stephanie miller. >> hi, miranda! [ applause ] >> oh!
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>>we go in and spend a considerable amount of time getting to know the people and the characters that are actually living these stories. >>the award winning series "vanguard" new episodes coming soon. only on current tv.
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>>(narrator) don't miss this week's the gavin newsom show with special guest guy kawasaki and dylan ratigan. >>steve jobs was many things but he was not a politician.
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♪ come on -- >> stephanie miller. ♪ don't make me wait. you catholic girls start much too late ♪ sooner or later it comes down -- i might as well be the one ♪ ♪ darlin', only the good die young ♪ ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." representative gwen moore who is awesome coming up at the bottom of the hour. hump days with hal sparks. as we continue. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. somebody from arizona has called
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about just so irritating, these fiscal conservatives. sheriff joe arpaio admits using taxpayer funds to probe the birth seth. >> the state of arizona had to mortgage its own capitol building in order to raise funds. that's wasting money on crap like this. >> stephanie: he said it is one deputy. we have security issues, too, that i can't get into. i see, you have to secure your state against the non-american president or something? [ whatever! ] >> stephanie: when you're doing investigation, sometimes things change and you put more resources into it. some sort of new information. ah-ha! meanwhile, hawaii is like here it is again! you moron. >> proof that hawaii is actually in kenya. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: so roger ales just spoke at ohio university. said this thing again, u.s.
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supporters still don't know anything about barack obama. >> enough to make him president. >> certainly know more via his tax returns than we do say the other guy. >> stephanie: they're not news programs. jon stewart will go out of business without fox news. >> right. >> they're not news programs? i'm shocked! >> jon stewart makes that exact point on o'reilly. >> stephanie: thank you for playing missing the point entirely. your entire network is not a news network. he also realized he went too far when he called "the new york times" a bunch of lying scum. >> oh, that's too far. [ applause ] >> stephanie: well played. okay. >> he was talking about judith miller. >> stephanie: kevin in texas. you're on "the stephanie miller show" with hump days with hal. >> caller: hi, steph. i'm an election judge beginning in 2000. there's things that democrats need to know if they want to get counted. all right because of the census and more importantly, the election in 2010, a lot of
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states read, the precincts may not be where they used to be so if you go there and you're in the wrong precinct, the crew will also be republican. they don't have to help you. >> wow. >> caller: they'll try to put you on a provisional ballot. provisional ballots do not count! they are never counted. ever. all it does, if you look at the front, it is a voter registration card. all right. so then when they register you to vote and they throw them away. if you vote absentee, they're only counted if it is within 1%. try not to do that. if you're in the military it never counts. all right. >> stephanie: i gotta say, they're trying all kinds of stuff. this one i just heard. someone wrote pamela i do not know if this is true. her friend who lives in wisconsin, she mentioned in the janesville wisconsin, paper, there is a notice stating the
3:22 pm
name of district teachers who signed the recall petition and listed their salaries and it included a form for parents to give to their school requesting their child not be put into class with a specific radical teacher. i don't know if that's actually true. it is unbelievable. >> a radical teacher. >> i think that teacher might be a lesbian. >> my son came home from school and said his teacher was radical. >> stephanie: can we get her in an electrified pen instead of a classroom? scott from california. >> caller: hello. you quartet of sexy and smart. the guy that just called from texas made a great point. this is something i was thinking that was mentioned earlier in the show about taking the government apart from the inside out. don't you guys think that -- let's be conspiratorial here for a second and don't you think the republicans know that in the long run there's no way that mitt can win so what they're going to do is they're going to
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aim downticket and try to effect councils and things like that. they know -- >> i bring that up at sexy liberal show. we talk about that. he's been the -- he's the ronald mcdonald of this organization. it has no effect on what they're actually doing. they're going for school boards. they're going for state legislators and judgeships in mass. and they figure those are the ones you pay the least amount of attention to and this artificial need for balance that some people have is they'll vote for obama and then go -- there should be some republicans in there. they'll go the low end and they'll just automatically check off some people or a guy who will run as an independent who is actually a republican just running as an independent because he's embarrassed by the party. but he's -- his plan and it will more than likely be's, will be to -- will be's will be to affect the limited government plan which is pulling the rug out from under everything. >> stephanie: we with need helpers like jill in ithaca who is going to wisconsin to help.
3:24 pm
hi jill. >> caller: yes, going by train. challenge other people to do the same. this is the crunch time guys. if we don't do it now, when? and the guy running against him is barrett. i don't hear that much. vote for barrett. >> stephanie: 29 minutes after the hour. gwen moore from the great state of wisconsin next on "the stephanie miller show." vice president al gore joins jennifer granholm. >>we're just getting started. >>the state of the 2012 campain. brought to you by spiriva handihaler.
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>> you need a hard core, bad ass chick. >> there's only one to go to. >> stephanie miller. >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12. hutch days with hal sparks. talking about -- we were talking about awful things from wisconsin. scott walker. now wonderful things from wisconsin. [ ♪ circus ♪ ] representative gwen moore who voted no on the fake violence against women act. republicans, it was unbelievable. she said this fake violence against women bill does not only rolls back current versions to help victims of domestic violence. it ignores groups of women under the republican bill gay and transgender women and immigrants are left unprotected.
3:29 pm
the partisan given is not what was meant to be accomplished. representative gwen moore joins us now. good morning representative. >> thank you so much for having me stephanie. >> stephanie: thanks so much for coming on. i've seen you on tv talking about this. you've been so impassioned. you said it wasn't a game when i was abused. it is not a game now. so you speak from experience. >> oh, absolutely stephanie. i wish -- i swear i wish that i could say the abuse that i suffered is something that's rare but it is not. certainly sandy adams, the author of the violence against women acts bill was a victim. victimization of women is as american as apple pie. i think people accept it as you know men's right to passage, men's rights as boyfriends and husbands. i even had a minister you know, once preach in church that he
3:30 pm
did not want men calling him at 3:00 in the morning asking him reverend where's that passage weis obey your husbands. weis obey your husbands as someone had once done. he admonished the parishioners to note please do not call me in the middle of the night asking me for that reference to be misused. i think that you know, that this bill is very, very frightening. i'm 61 years old stephanie. and so i've experienced abuse from you know for as long as i can remember back in childhood, age 4 and 5 years old. all the way through as a young adult. long before -- 20 years before the violence against women act was enacted on a bipartisan basis. and many of the provisions that were in this law are in current law because this hasn't passed are in current law, would have
3:31 pm
helped me and a number -- helped me in a number of ways. it would have provided prosecutors with the tools. it would have educated prosecutors. educated folk. there was no such thing as hot lines and domestic violence shelters. back in the '70s and '60s and '50s when i was being abused. and this bill really triggered and restimulated some terrible memories that i had of being abused. i told the story on the floor of having been raped, a young man came by the house and you know, agreed to take me to the chicken shack to buy some fried chicken. and instead took adetour behind some dark buildings, raped me, choked me choked me. almost to death. and i did the right thing. i went to the hospital. they did the rape kit or the
3:32 pm
examination. i went to the police. filed a lawsuit. went to court. and stephanie, i was on trial. they talked about how i was dressed, the fact that i had teased him. i had gotten in the car with him. how i had a baby out of wedlock. i was on trial. he was of course found not guilty. the violence against women act reversed all of those kinds of things and certainly you know, this bill rolled back in a number of ways. as a watch color and as a minority i'm particularly offended by what it does to women in the shadows women who are minorities. >> stephanie: well, congresswoman, i think that your personal story too is so compelling because you know, it also -- you know makes a lie out of -- when people think it doesn't happen to smart women or educated women or -- you're a united states congresswoman and
3:33 pm
it happened to you. so as you say to now like try to -- i mean this should be something that's nonpartisan. house this get to be partisan? the violence against women act? since when? >> you know it became partisan because this bill was put into the queue as literally a part and parcel of the whole tea party ideology which is very gendered, which is very anti-immigrant anti-lgbt. and is very male gendered-oriented. as a matter of fact, this bill was altered in ways to please some of the men's groups and i don't knock all men's groups. i think men need rights but there are some very rabid men's groups that weighed in on this. and altered it in a very significant way. for example, there's gender
3:34 pm
neutral language in the bill, stephanie. and sandy adams of course, describes this as being a good thing because it doesn't pick one victim against the other victim. what are we pretending not to know here? >> stephanie: that's one of my provisions is where they alert the abuser of an immigrant -- a woman -- since when -- as you said on the floor, the republicans are playing games with women's lives. >> that is very chilling. three women -- you know their member on the other side who was debating me when i was trying to put forth my motion to recommit, talked about some poor woman who was murdered in the parking lot of the police station. >> wow. >> exactly! women are more at-risk of dying when they're trying to get away from their abusers and there's
3:35 pm
never a more important time to just believe the victim, give her cover shelter, services, take her at her word than when she's trying to get away because she's more at risk of dying at that point than at any other point in trying to break off an abusive relationship. and this is the point at which they give abusers power. it is chilling! >> stephanie: representative where are we now with this? you obviously voted no as you should have on this. as you say fake violence against women bill. now what happens? >> well the senate, as you know passed the real bill 68-31. every single woman including all of the women in the united states senate, democrat and republican voted for it. we often call things bipartisan when one single person from the other party votes for it. but here's a case.
3:36 pm
68-31. clearly a bipartisan bill that comes out of the senate. this bill passed -- my hope is that there is a conference committee where the senate will have the stronger hand and stronger position to be able to say we want our bill to be the bill that gets an up-or-down vote because we have a truly bipartisan bill. and as a matter of fact 23 republicans voted against the fake. -- against the fake bill. we can claim bipartisan opposition to the house bill. and if there were a conference committee, i would certainly fight to try to be on that conference committee. and to fight for the senate's position. and then if the republicans in the house and they are the majority, they clearly have the ability to vote down the
3:37 pm
re-authorization of the violence against women act, if they choose then to vote it down, then that will be just more evidence that there is, in fact, a war on women. i know that there are -- there are very many people including democrats who thinks -- who think that it is sort of -- you know lacking in civility. >> stephanie: this is almost a literal war on women at this point. yeah, you're absolutely right. >> i don't know what to call it. >> stephanie: i've done work for -- raised charity -- work for charities for shelters for domestic violence. i think it is an issue that's just so -- you know, it is so resident for so many people. one of the levels is economically empowering women so they don't ever feel like they have to put up with this. but i think this is like a minimum that the law should protect them. i mean this just seems like a no-brainer. i can't believe we're even debating this. >> well, i can't either.
3:38 pm
i'll tell you why because it is not as if you know, there were wild-eyed, you know left wing protestors socialists as republicans like to call those of us who are progressive, out demanding these provisions to include native americans who are twice as likely as other women to be abused and beaten. i mean these tribal lands are sanctuaries for abusers because the tribal councils don't have any authority. it is not like you know, they're these wild-eyed communist types that demanded that we include lgbt language in the bill or that we provide more -- or we try to protect young women who are -- particularly at risk on college campuses. these provisions were suggested by the fbi, the department of justice the police.
3:39 pm
>> stephanie: all of the socialist groups is what you mean. >> all of the socialist groups exactly. >> stephanie: representative -- thank you so much -- first of all for having the courage to talk about your personal experience with this because i think it is just -- it makes this issue resonate and it is so much powerful. we always love having you on. please come on more often. >> thanks, stephanie. be well. >> stephanie: thank you. representative gwen moore of the state state of wisconsin. [ applause ] >> a member of congress can share a story as personal as that it resonates so much more. >> stephanie: that's what i mean. it doesn't just happen to just poor women or just -- uneducated women or just -- it happens to everybody. god bless her. i love her! [ applause ] 45 minutes after the hour. celebrity stack in the closing moments of hump day with hal sparks on "the stephanie miller show." >> i think your show is absolutely vulgar.
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we're to raise kids to be respectful. there's no way you're adding to it. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." ideas can bring us together. >>(narrator) the gavin newsom >>(narrator) current tv presents the campaign ads that changed history, brought to you by spiriva handihaler. today's campaign ads accuse candidates of flip-flops, but back in 1952, the adlai stevenson campaign called it double-talk. >>yes...uh, i mean no. >>no, uh i mean yes. >>you're confused. >>you're confused >>(campaign ad narrator) don't you be confused! >>in a lot of campaigns since then we've seen this theme. the candidate said one thing and then did something else. >>(current narrator)flip-flop ads can pack a real punch when the candidate already has a reputation for changing his mind too often, like this 1972 nixon ad targeting george mc >>and that was effective because mcgovern changed his mind on his vice presidential candidate, and that fed into this idea that he was prone to changing his mind. >>(narrator) the mcgovern campaign had lots of other problems, but the flip-flop ads
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♪ ♪ joan jett and the black hearts ♪ ♪ i love rock n' roll ♪ ♪ i love -- >> stephanie miller. ♪ put another dime in the jukebox baby. ♪ i love ♪ >> stephanie miller ♪ >> take your time and dance with me ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." hal sparks on air guitar. 50 minutes after the hour.
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>> same like useded in a spinal tap song which relates to michael. we wish him a recovery. he got hit by a car. >> stephanie: i loved him. >> yeah. trying to find his way on stage. >> if only he had been hit by a big -- >> he's doing okay. >> stephanie: good. chris in chicago. lots of people telling us it is true the story in wisconsin about the teachers. hello, chris. >> caller: bonjour. 35 year veteran teacher here. it is not unusual for them to never public our salaries which is dispiriting especially when a kid tells you his garbage truck driving father makes more than you. >> caller: what they're doing doing is they have cross-referenced which teachers, how much they make the top salaried teachers which means they're veterans with who has signed the recall scott walker. and now they have a form that you can ask to have a nonradical teacher in september.
3:48 pm
this is -- my blood is so hot on this. i wrote every teacher i know. i can't even believe. i can't even begin to say how -- >> stephanie: you know what? i hope that this even mobilizes people to get out and vote. >> caller: i'm calling for them this week because -- i live in illinois. come on. wisconsin had one of the greatest educational -- for the long time. they've decimated it. truly decimated it. >> federal law trumps state. >> stephanie: keith in milwaukee confronted one of the flyer guys. >> caller: hi, guys, hi steph. yeah, it turns out i know the guy. i was on the panel once with him. when i saw this, i was livid. i callehim up to let him know hey, this is just -- it is funny because the guy, he was -- i'm not talking -- he was telling
3:49 pm
me -- i turned from being -- he starts telling me about how people are calling up and they're ripping -- telling him that f you. but the thing is he said he's getting -- i didn't do anything. then he goes on to explain that he helped the guy who put this thing together get the open record request. this is something wisconsin, you can go after information on people and it is like he is -- he used it on me. and so get this this guy is the only teacher's salaries. [ indiscernible ] >> stephanie: by the way ann romney, i love when she talks about the economy.
3:50 pm
>> i love the fact that women are talking about deficit spending and the economy. >> stephanie: it is so precious. >> they're using this statistics and the polling and asks people how important the economy is for you and that kind of thing. and what you think about the economy and in a totally separate question, they're asking you the importance of reproductive rights or whatever and they're comparing that and saying more women care about the economy than their own reproductive rights. they're twisting the statistics to reflect that. and that's what she's talking about. the right wing to fight off the war on women is saying you know, we're for women because we're for solving the deficit. >> stephanie: they're better on the economy. however newt gingrich's private ventures are going bankrupt. oh dear. >> p.s., none of you guys ever -- >> stephanie: as is his campaign fund, bankruptcy proceeding underway in atlanta will determine the one company owned by calista gingrich will
3:51 pm
lose a payout that constitutes the bulk of the gingrich's net worth. oh, dear. >> running for president wasn't all that lucrative. >> stephanie: didn't work out so well. >> i screwed up. >> stephanie: two weeks after president obama announced he supports gay marriage, a "wall street journal" poll shows his announcement looks to be a wash. a combined 17% say it makes them more likely to vote for him. 20% say it makes them more likely to vote for romney. 62% say the president's support for gay marriage doesn't make a difference in their vote including 75% of independents 76% of moderates, 81% of african-americans and 65% of residents in the midwest. in addition as we said earlier majority a 4% -- 54% say they would mamake same sex marriage legal. pastor worley may have a hard time with his electric lesbian zoo. >> i figured a way out. a way to get rid of all lesbians
3:52 pm
and queers. build a great, big large fence. put all the lesbians in it. ♪ a lot of work to be done ♪ >> the same thing with the queers and the homosexuals. you know why? they can't reproduce. ♪ we're going to lock all you electric zoo and make the fences higher ♪ >> 100 mile long. ♪ we're going to trap all of you in electric fences, too, it is all here in our flyer ♪ >> great big large fence. and have that fence electrified so they can't get out. >> they ain't got no turkey basters so they can't reproduce. >> because that's the only way res bians reproduce is turkey basters. >> stephanie: alec baldwin on twitter said you want to go back to bush cheney rumsfeld
3:53 pm
unfunded wars, death of civilians for oil? you want to go back to lying thieves in the white house in order to make money for their friends? the election is around the corner. you want another corporate puppet who will squander natural resources to protect the breed of wealth that wants america to accept the model of bureaucracy. obama! >> can they not stay on message? >> shiny keys, shiny keys. >> stephanie: respond to a suggestion from a fellow tweeter he run for office. he said i could run if i could win but too many reactionary haters. this will be all over fox tonight. oh yeah. >> who does he think he is having an opinion and saying it in public? >> stephanie: angry liberal. >> why doesn't he shut up and sing or act or whatever he does. chuck norris. >> he shut.and act.
3:54 pm
>> stephanie: shut up. you know what? bruce willis on fox tonight will be one of those stupid entertainers to keep their mouth shut now because he said of mitt romney, he's such a disappointment and an embarrassment. they asked do you think romney will win? no nah i don't really care. back in the '90s he backed george bush. >> still an outspoken republican but he voiced something you're not supposed to voice which is mitt -- isn't all it is cracked up to be. >> that's where the hypnosis works. >> he called romney the dash rip rock of the republican party. that was the movie star trying to court ellie mae on the clampetts. [ applause ] >> kind of amazing. >> i would go with flintstones. >> stephanie: thank you, hal sparks. check it out. >> of course the halsparks fan page on facebook. >> stephanie: we'll see you
3:55 pm
tomorrow on "the stephanie miller show." it's go time. >>every weeknight cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the guys in the middle class the guys in the lower end got screwed again. >>i think you know which one we're talking about. the overwhelming majority of the country says"tax the rich, don't go to war." >>just wanted to clarify that.
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
?ñ?ñ very, very excited about that and very proud of that. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning. >>liberal and proud of it.
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